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New tram stop for station

New tram stop for station

A major step forward in the expansion of Nottingham’s tram network will be marked next week with the opening of a brand new tram stop above the city’s railway station. Read more

New Interchange opens to buses

BEESTON’S new bus and tram interchange opened to buses on Sunday (12 July), replacing the old bus station, and first reports say the changeover went smoothly and is working well. Read more

Lessons on the right lines for learning about trams

Children aged three to 11 from a Nottingham school who have been studying lesson plans created by a Nottingham teacher to help them learn about the coming of the tram were rewarded for their efforts when a tram came calling at a stop just by their school. Read more

Tram works at Abbey Street/Gregory Street junction

The expansion of Nottingham’s tram system to Beeston and Chilwell will see construction finishing works take place at the junction of Abbey Street, Abbey Bridge and Gregory Street in the Dunkirk/Lenton area of Nottingham from Saturday, July 4. Read more

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