Local Tram Stops

The tram stops are located in ideal situations across the city. If you are commuting, shopping or getting a connecting train there is a convenient stop for you.

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Where does the tram run?

Where does the tram run?

The tram runs from Hucknall (near to the M1 junction 27) and Phoenix Park (just a minute from M1 junction 26) into Nottingham City Centre and on to the train station. It takes less than 30 minutes from Hucknall into the City Centre and just 20 minutes from Phoenix Park.

The tram runs past a number of key destinations including Bulwell and the Forest Recreational Ground, as well as Nottingham Trent University, Royal Centre, and the City's main shopping areas.

When does the tram run?

The trams run from around 6am to midnight Monday to Saturday and from around 8am to 11pm on Sundays. During the middle of the day and at peak times trams are every 10 minutes from the Park & Ride sites and from every 5 minutes in the City Centre. Click here for tram times.

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