26 May 2012

The junctions of Station Road / Queens Road and Meadow Lane / Queens Road are to be improved and should be complete by October. Utility diversions here are currently due to start in summer 2012.

Chilwell Road Beeston and High Road Chilwell will then be made one way between Middle Street and College Road to enable the major diversion works and then the track construction to be carried out.

Chilwell Road/High Road will then be made one way running from Beeston towards Chilwell - this enables the major diversion works and then the track construction to be carried out.

The track work in this area will be completed in spring 2014 and the road returned to two way running.

The service diversion works in this area start summer 2012 soon and will be complete by spring 2013.

Multi Storey Car Park:

  • Utility disconnections & removal of interior fittings currently being undertaken, the site is surrounded by secure hoardings and scaffolding has been erected
  • Demolition of the multi storey car park is due to start in early June for completion in July 2012
The demolition of the shops will follow on from the demolition of the car park and will be completed by October. The layout of the bus station will be altered with bus stops relocated onto Styring Street. Full bus service to be maintained during the demolition work.

The service diversion works in Lower Road and Fletcher Road are due to begin in July following completion of the initial period of monitoring for ground movement, the diversion works are due to be completed by spring 2013.

The construction of the track support structure in this area is due to start in spring 2013.

Complete in Lower Road by December 2013 and in Fletcher Road by June 2013.

Demolition of part of Neville Sadler Court is due to take place in November 2012. The service diversion works in this area have commenced and will continue until summer 2013.

The first of the service diversions (sewer) is underway on University Boulevard and should be completed by the end of July

There will be minor demolition in August and September - The cottage within the University’s sports ground and an electricity substation

The culvert that carries Tottle Brook under the boulevard will be extended in September, works will take approximately five weeks, once the culvert is lengthened the realignment of University Boulevard can begin.