26 October 2021

There will be small increases to several Robin Hood fares next week, the first since April 2019. The changes will take effect from Sunday 31 October, and reflect recent changes to individual operator prices.

The Robin Hood Card continues to offer excellent value for money, providing unlimited multi-operator travel for a capped price.

The changes will affect some day, season and Pay As You Go (PAYG) prices:

Pay As You Go

  • Adult PAYG Card – multi-operator day cap to rise to £5 (from £4.80)
  • Under 19 PAYG Card – multi-operator day cap to decrease to £3.20 (from £3.25)
  • Student PAYG Card – multi-operator day cap to increase to £4.30 (from £4.20)

On board/Ticket machine purchase

The price of purchasing multi-operator travel on board the bus or at a tram stop ticket machine – i.e. without a Robin Hood Card - will also increase:

  • Adult – increase to £5.40 (from £5.10)
  • Under – increase to £3.20 (from £3.10)


  • Adult 12 month multi-operator product – to increase to £648 (from £612)