07 June 2012

The Oberbürgermeister of Karlsruhe will officially name the bridge which will carry trams cross Station Street, Nottingham Railway Station and Queen's Road - connecting Line One of the successful tram system with the redeveloped railway station and the two new tram lines to Clifton and Chilwell.

Oberbürgermeister Herr Heinz Fenrich, the executive mayor of the city, will officially name the future structure the Karlsruhe Friendship Bridge. He will unveil an information panel naming the bridge and showing illustrations of how the bridge will look when completed. Works to create a pier support so the bridge can be built began in Station Street last month and the bridge will be completed by the end of next year, 2013.

The panel also pays tribute to the support and advice officials in Karlsruhe provided to Nottingham during the development of Nottingham's tram network based on their own experience of operating an award-winning tram system.

Councillor Alan Clark, Nottingham City Council's Portfolio holder for International and European Links, said: "The links between Nottingham and Karlsruhe span 43 years, during which time we have built so many strong relationships and friendships. This bridge has been named the Karlsruhe Friendship Bridge to reflect these bonds between our two cities.

"It acknowledges the advice of our counterparts in Karlsruhe, based on their experiences of building and operating their own extensive and award-winning tram network. The level of support they gave us during the development and construction of Nottingham's tram was superb and helped us to find solutions to many of the questions and problems we encountered during the course of Line One to Hucknall and Phoenix Park.

"Their assistance throughout was invaluable and the subsequent success of Nottingham's tram has enabled us to move forward with these two new tram lines to Clifton and Chilwell.

"We are delighted that Herr Fenrich is here to unveil this panel which names the Karlsruhe Friendship Bridge and explains the work that has already started to make the bridge and the tram links a reality."