10 January 2013

The first sign of a new bridge which will carry trams over Nottingham Station is now visible.

People travelling along Queens Road in the city recently will have seen the first signs of an impressive new bridge which is being built to carry trams from the current Line One Terminus, over Nottingham Station, and into The Meadows before continuing to Wilford and Clifton and Beeston and Chilwell.

The bridge, is part of the multi-million pound project to expand Nottingham’s tram network to the south and south-west of the city, and will provide a direct link between tram and train services at Nottingham Station, which is currently being redeveloped into a modern European railway station.

The impressive steel and concrete structure is the first of three interlinking bridges which will be built over Station Street, Nottingham Station and Queens Road.

The bridge over Nottingham Station is a 104 metre long and 14.5 metre wide steel truss bridge and, once moved, will weigh 1100 tonnes. Due to its sheer size, the bridge will be built in two parts. The first half is currently being built on top of some temporary towers at a height that will eventually allow it to be pushed over Queens Road into its final position over Nottingham Station.

Next month, the first half of the bridge will be moved 45 metres over Queens Road, so that the second part of the bridge can be constructed and connected to it. Once this is complete, the entire bridge will be pushed again into its final position over Nottingham Station, in preparation for when the tram travels to the station directly (expected to be at the end of 2014).

To prepare for the first half of the bridge being moved over Queens Road next month, concrete safety barriers will need to be installed on Queens Road during three nights in January.

This will involve temporarily closing Queens Road overnight on Monday 14, Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 January, between 8pm and 5am. During these times, traffic will be diverted along an alternative route.

Once the Nottingham Station Bridge is in position, work to install the two remaining bridges, over Station Street and Queens Road, will take place during 2013 and the remaining works to Nottingham Station Bridge will be completed. This will involve laying a concrete base and installing the tram tracks and tram stop, expected to be carried out until early 2014.

Martin Carroll, NET Phase Two Project Director for Taylor Woodrow Alstom, said: “This is an exciting, technically challenging structure that requires careful planning and engineering and the result will be a landmark structure for Nottingham.”

Councillor Jane Urquhart, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transport at Nottingham City Council, said: “It’s wonderful to see such an impressive structure taking shape which will radically improve how people can interchange between tram and train services and other public and private transport.

“Local people and businesses are already benefiting from employment opportunities on both tram and station projects, with almost 600 people working locally to construct the tram extension and to transform the Railway Station.”