03 July 2012

A new poster campaign has been launched to highlight the key benefits of travelling by tram.

By utilising the latest mobile technology the adverts, which are scheduled to pop up across Nottingham sites over the coming weeks, can also link people directly to the NET website. Click here to see the page.

The posters contain a special 'QR code' that can be scanned by enabled mobile phones, directing users to the web site where they can access all the information they need for travelling by tram.

A special page on the site features artwork from the innovative campaign which emphasises the reliability and frequency of the tram network.

Florian Le Loroux, Marketing Manager at NET, explained: “With latest figures showing 99 per cent of our services run on time, we really think we’ve something to shout about.

“With services running virtually every five minutes in peak hours in the city and 3000 free park and ride spaces at five key locations, the tram network offers a quick and convenient way of getting into the centre of Nottingham.”

In addition to the eye-catching posters, the campaign will also include a range of radio adverts to be broadcast around the region.