Pokémon Fever Grips City’s Tram Network
27 July 2016
Nottingham’s tram network has been gripped by Pokémon fever with the new Pokémon Go app proving a huge hit with tram customers.

Pidgeys, Jigglypuffs, Psyducks and even Squirtles have all been spotted by excited customers around tram stops, and in some cases, even on board NET’s trams.

Stephanie Moss-Pearce, Assistant Marketing Manager at NET, explained: “The Pokémon Go app has been a global phenomenon since it launched a couple of weeks ago and it seems that we have our own outbreak of Pokémon fever, with hundreds of customers playing the game on board or near to tram stops every day.

“As well as catching Pokémon, aspiring Pokémon trainers have also been stocking up on Poké Balls at many of the Poké Stops near to the network as they aim to catch ‘em all.”

With many people playing the game whilst travelling on the tram, NET wants to make sure customers stay safe and are aware of others when using the app on their mobile phones or devices.

Stephanie added: “The tram seems to provide the perfect way to travel across the city and catch Pokémon, but we would like to remind app users to always pay close attention to their surroundings when they are close to tram lines or using one of our trams.

“We hope to hear plenty more reports of wild Pokémon being caught across the network – players might even want to let us know where they are by tweeting @NETTram”