Survey Confirms Tram Popularity
Survey Confirms Tram Popularity
05 March 2018

An overwhelming 98 per cent of customers would recommend Nottingham’s tram network to friends and family, says a report published this week.

What’s more, NET enjoyed an overall customer satisfaction score of 94 per cent according to the results of a survey presented to the Greater Nottingham Light Rapid Transit Advisory Committee ahead of its March meeting.

The findings closely match a host of other independent studies that have rated the city’s tram network as one of the most popular light rail systems in the UK.

Stephanie Moss-Pearce, NET Marketing Manager, explained:

Every year we carry out our own survey of customers and non-users to find out what the public actually thinks of us.

The feedback we receive helps us to shape future services and look at ways to further enhance the customer experience.

The survey also found that 98 per cent of customers were happy with service frequency, and more than nine out of ten also said they were satisfied or very satisfied when it came to reliability.

Meanwhile ease and convenience of service remains the primary reason for people to travel by tram (42 per cent), followed by speed and avoiding traffic.

We were also interested to learn that customers have given a thumbs up to the way we’ve embraced new ways to keep them updated on services, with 98 per cent of respondents finding the NET website useful or very useful, a 13 per cent increase on 2016 – whilst 96% of respondents find NET’s social media useful or very useful,” Stephanie said.

Customer feedback provided by the survey has also has validated our decision to invest in the latest technology that makes buying a ticket quicker and easier than ever.

A summary of the survey results can be viewed here.