16 December 2011

Tramlink Nottingham have taken over as the tram’s new operator, which means that there will be changes to tram ticketing.

Contracts to build two more tram lines have now been signed and Tramlink Nottingham have taken over as the tram's new operator. This means that there will be changes to tram ticketing.

As of Friday 16 December 2011, Cityrider and Grouprider tickets will not be valid on the tram. However, Easyriders will still be accepted on the tram until 31 January.

Easyrider card holders* who had travel days remaining on their card beyond 31st January 2012, as of 16 December, who wish to continue to use buses and the tram for their journeys from February onwards are entitled to a Kangaroo Citycard for the same time period at no extra cost.

Kangaroo tickets are accepted by most public transport operators in Nottingham including NCT, Trent Barton and Your Bus services, the tram and local rail services.

Kangaroo day tickets can be purchased on all buses and on the tram or day scratch cards are available from the Broadmarsh Travel Centre. Season Kangaroo tickets are only available from the Broadmarsh Travel Centre in the Broadmarsh Bus Station (0115 915 0136).

For information about the Kanagroo ticket visit www.mynottingham.gov.uk/kangaroo

Should passengers choose to renew Easyriders after 16 December they will be able to use them on tram until 31 Jan. However, they won't be able to upgrade them to a Kangaroo.

University students with tram travel on their Student cards should visit the Travel Centre in Old Market Square at the beginning of the new academic term in January.

Passengers who pay for Easyriders through direct debit will be written to individually by Nottingham City Transport.

People who have an Easyrider as part of the NCT ETC employee scheme will be contacted individually by email.

*this excludes all student academic year and term travel passes which were sold as bus only offers.