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How to use the Tram

For a safe and comfortable journey
We take great care to make sure all of our trams are clean and comfortable for our customers.

We offer 100% low floor throughout so it's easy for customers using buggies or wheelchairs with dedicated spaces for these customers to use.

Remember to buy your ticket or validate your smartcard or concession pass before boarding the tram. Failure to do so could result in a £70 penalty fare.

The real time displays at each stop tell you when the next tram is due and we run so frequently you can just turn up and go. 

We offer safe and FREE parking at all of our 7 Park & Ride sites .


Unfortunately there is no space on-board our trams to safely carry bicycles. However safe and secure bicycle storage is available at main tram stops. For more information on Nottingham Cycle Parks, click here

Bicycles attached to any other part of NET infrastructure may be removed by a NET authorised person. Any bicycles left at the racks are left there entirely at the risk of the owner and NET accept no liability for loss or damage to any bicycle left at NET tram stops.


You can take with you a guide dog for the blind, a hearing dog for the deaf or any other assistance dog without charge. At the discretion of staff, you can also take with you a dog or any other inoffensive animal without charge, provided it is kept under control and carried in a suitable container. This container must not be put on seats.

For more detailed information about our terms of use, please see our Conditions of Carriage.

Access for all

We believe everyone should be able to travel on the tram around Nottingham and we will continue to work hard to make our system accessible for as many individuals as we can.

All our trams are 100% low floor

This means there are no steps to negotiate. Four sets of wide double doors with white strips for enhanced visibility feature on each tram, with warning sounds for when doors are opening and closing. There is only a small gap between our tram doors and the tram stop platforms which makes boarding easier.

High contrast floor colourings

The floor colourings in front of the doors contrast with the rest of the carriage floor making the area more visible. Extra space near the doors allows easy access on and off the tram for wheelchairs and buggies.

Electronic signs and audible announcements

Electronic signs and audible announcements tell you the destination of the tram and the next stop.

If you are using a priority seat and you're asked to give up your seat by another customer who is less able to stand, your assistance would really help everyone on board.

Our staff receive special training on disability awareness and our drivers are also trained to allow people with visible disability more time to get on and off the tram.

Dedicated wheelchair spaces

There are two dedicated spaces on every tram which have a help button and a blue stop request button at an appropriate height. By pressing this blue button, whilst on board the tram, you instantly signal to our drivers that you require additional time to alight. For your own safety please ensure that the wheelchair is positioned correctly in the specified bay with the back towards the backrest.

There are 6 easily identifiable priority seats on each tram. If you are using a priority seat and you're asked to give up your seat by another customer who is less able to stand, your assistance would really help everyone on board.

We welcome guide dogs and assist dogs on the tram. Our drivers monitor the CCTV cameras to be sure that all customers who want to get on and off the tram have done so and the doors are clear before closing the doors and setting off.

Mobility Scooters

The carriage of mobility scooters is currently being reviewed as part of an industry-wide initiative to deliver a consistent set of regulations. At present, all categories of mobility scooters are permitted to travel as long as they can safely board and exit the tram and then park in the wheelchair space. Please park the scooter with the back against the backrest.

The layout of tram stop platforms

All our tram stop platforms are laid out in the same way. The platform edge is white and has tactile paving to identify the kerb. Special paving showing the wheelchair sign indicates the appropriate place for wheelchair users to wait so that they are near the wheelchair spaces when they get on the tram.

The tram stops are all well-lit, have electronic displays providing real-time information showing when the next tram is due to arrive, emergency help points so that customers can talk to a member of staff and shelters which include a passenger information display. For additional safety and security all tram stops are monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day.

Visually impaired customers that require assistance with using either the stop equipment or the tram should contact our customer service team by telephoning 0115 824 6060. A member of the tram team can be arranged to meet you and explain how to use the stop facilities and the tram. 24 hours’ notice will be required; however we cannot guarantee that this facility will be available on all days due to operational circumstances.

Information in accessible formats

Please click here to download of our timetable information in an accessible format. If you require the timetable in a different format, please email our customer service team at or 0115 824 6060.

Blue badge parking

The tram has over 5,000 car parking spaces available at 7 Park & Ride sites across our network. Our Park & Ride sites are open daily from the first tram to the last (approx. 5.30am until 1am). All sites are cleaned daily and patrolled by our staff as well as being monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day. They are all equipped with customer help points, in addition to those on the platform, offering direct communication to our customer service and depot teams.

Key features at our Park & Ride sites

Designated blue badge parking with easy access to the tram stop
City Council cycle hubs and general bike facilities
Parent & child parking spaces
Park Mark Award for safety and security

We have designated parking for disabled customers at every Park & Ride site.

Hucknall (NG15 7TD) - 14 spaces
Phoenix Park (NG8 6AS) - 19 spaces
Moor Bridge (NG6 8AE) - 6 spaces
Wilkinson Street (NG7 7NU) - 41 spaces
The Forest (NG7 6AQ) - 24 spaces
Toton Lane (NG9 7JA) - 49 spaces
Clifton South (NG11 8BF) - 48 spaces






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Network Information

Explore the entire tram network

Our network information page provides details of our full network including zones, specific tram stop information and frequency guides.

It also provides service status information should we be experiencing any delays.


Park & Ride

Find your nearest Park & Ride

Open 7 days a week, our sites are cleaned daily and patrolled by staff as well as monitored by CCTV. Park Mark approval means those sites have met the national standard for UK car parks that have low crime and measures in place to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

There are disabled and parent and child spaces close by and cycle hubs and electric vehicle charging points at some sites.



Download our timetable

Our tram service operates a "turn up and go" service, with trams from every 7 minutes during the week (every 3 minutes within the City Centre) and from every 10 minutes at weekends and bank holidays.  Displays at every stop will let you know when the next tram is due to arrive.




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