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Important information
In this section you will find a number of important documents relating to products and services that we provide.
Should anything be unclear or you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Byelaws and Conditions of Carriage

All customers of Nottingham Express Transit must comply with the Conditions of Carriage and the local Byelaws. Please read our Conditions of Carriage (PDF 850kb) and Byelaws (PDF 59kb) using the links provided.

 If you are travelling using a Robin Hood Card, you must also comply with the Robin Network     Terms & Conditions.

Season Ticket Terms and Conditions

These conditions apply with respect to all online purchases of all season tickets. 

Season ticket refund policy (Updated 5th October 2020)

All applications for refunds must be made in writing to;

NET Customer Service

NET Depot

Armstrong Way, Wilkinson Street



The ticket must be enclosed with the application for the refund. No refunds will be given unless the original ticket is returned.

Refunds on weekly tickets are at the sole discretion of the operator and each application shall be considered on its merits.

All NET passes are non-refundable, however, under certain conditions refunds will be considered.

These could be:

 - Circumstances beyond the customer's control (theft, loss of employment or for medical reasons)

 - Where there has been a failure of NET's ticketing systems which has caused monetary loss.

Season tickets

All season tickets offer significant savings, so there may be a small refund or nothing at all. Calculations for refunds will be made based on the value of the journey period that has been made had the benefit of the reduced price ticket not been available.

There will be no refund on monthly tickets and discretionary refunds will only be considered on tickets where there is at least one month remaining.

For example:

If an annual pass was submitted for refund during its validity date and 7 months has been used leaving 5 full months.

Refund = the value of the original pass minus (1 x 6 monthly season = 1 x 1 month ticket)

Note: All calculations will be based on the price of the products when the original ticket was purchased.

Corporate and student travel schemes

Tickets purchased through a corporate programme or through a student discount scheme are non-refundable. However, under certain circumstances, refunds will be considered.

These could be:

 - Circumstances beyond the customer's control (theft, loss of employment or for medical reasons)

 - Where there has been a failure of NET's ticketing systems which has caused monetary loss.

All refunds will be considered on a case by case basis.

Any refunds that are paid will, as above, be made based on the value of the journey period that has been made had the benefit of the reduced price ticket not been available.

Any voucher issued in order to obtain a discounted fare has no cash value and can only be used for the purchase of the ticket stated. Vouchers cannot be redeemed after any printed expiry date.

Website content

All images, photographs and video contained in this site are © Copyright 2021 Tramlink Nottingham Ltd, unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved. Images and editorial content located on thetram.net may only be used with written permission of NET. To request permission to use material located on this website, please contact: Nottingham Trams Ltd NET Depot, Wilkinson Street, Nottingham NG7 7NW, telephone: 0115 824 6060 or email: info@thetram.net

Social media policy

We listen to people and respond to as many comments as possible with constructive feedback. We allow negative comments while deleting ‘spam’, and seek to respond rather than censor. We encourage thoughtful discussion, debate and differing viewpoints, with the understanding that all comments made must be civil, respectful, and appropriate for our audience. Comments that are lewd, libellous, incite violence or are otherwise hurtful or hateful speech directed at either individuals or groups, employees or the NET brand as a whole will be deleted and repeated offenders banned from future posting. We reserve the right to move or delete comments and postings that do not relate to the subject matter posted under or do not relate to our brand or our business type. Our decision to do this would always be final and no further correspondence about why this action was taken will be entered into. All content relating to the issue of a penalty fare, or the whole penalty fares process will not be a subject for discussion on any form of social media. Correspondents who have been issued a penalty fare will always be directed to the three-stage appeals process with further information to be obtained from customer services or our website. Any references to individual cases where a penalty fare has been issued will be removed in order to allow a full investigation to take place that is based on the factual circumstances of that case.

Please note that customer service cases and complaints will not be dealt with via our social pages. If you want to contact our Customer Contact Centre call 0115 824 6060 or email info@thetram.net.

Competition terms and conditions

Closing date for entries will be stated at the start of the competition. Data is used by NET only. Winners will be contacted by e-mail or telephone within 7 days of draw taking place. Winners may be announced on social platforms via a congratulatory post. We may also request a photograph of the winner for advertisement purposes which will be taken upon receipt of prizes. No alternative cash prizes will be distributed. Prizes cannot be refunded or extended unless otherwise specified. The judge’s decision is final.

Cookie policy

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Privacy policy

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Our network information page provides details of our full network including zones, specific tram stop information and frequency guides.

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Open 7 days a week, our sites are cleaned daily and patrolled by staff as well as monitored by CCTV. Park Mark approval means those sites have met the national standard for UK car parks that have low crime and measures in place to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

There are disabled and parent and child spaces close by and cycle hubs and electric vehicle charging points at some sites.



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Our tram service operates a "turn up and go" service, with trams from every 7 minutes during the week (every 3 minutes within the City Centre) and from every 10 minutes at weekends and bank holidays.  Displays at every stop will let you know when the next tram is due to arrive.




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