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Planned Maintenance

Find out about upcoming works to maintain the network

Rail Milling and Rail Grinding - 23rd Nov - 12th Dec


Between the 23rd of November and the 12th of December, we will be carrying out rail milling and rail grinding across the network. All work will take place overnight after tram services end


Rail Milling - Rail milling is a maintenance activity which recently became available for light rail systems. An RRV machine (Road-Rail Vehicle, Linsinger / Vossloh SF-02 milling truck) is used which runs along the track and restores the rail profile which will help to extend the life of the rail. The machine operates between 3-5 km/h

More information on rail milling can be found here -Rail Milling

Rail Grinding - Unlike Rail milling which constantly moves along the tracks, rail grinding is localised work which involves using machinery which helps to remove any rail defects


Rail Milling locations and dates

The below dates against locations are subject to change, depending on the programme and weather

23rd November - David Lane, Basford and Wilkinson Street curve

24th November - David Lane, Highbury Vale, Bulwell

25th November - David Lane, Basford, Wilkinson Street curve

27th November - David Lane, Highbury Vale, Bulwell

28th November - Bulwell, Bulwell Forest, Moor Bridge

29th November - Bulwell Forest, Moor Bridge, Butler's Hill

30th November - Highbury Vale, Bulwell, Moor Bridge, Butler's Hill

1st December - Old Market Square, Lace Market, Middle Hill

2nd December - Middle Hill, Lace Market, Nottingham Trent University, Armstrong Way, Shipstone Street, Portland Road


Rail grinding locations and dates

The below dates against locations are subject to change, depending on the programme and weather

27th-28th November - Queens Walk

29th November - Wilford Lane

30th November - Toton

1st December - The Forest

2nd December - Gregory Street, Meadows/Sheriffs Way

4th-5th December - Bulwell

6th-8th - Highbury Vale

9th December - Wilkinson Street, Phoenix Park, Old Market Square


We're sorry, but some of the work being carried out may be noisy. We will try and complete the work as quickly as possible. If you need any more information or would like to speak with us about the works taking place outside of your property, then please reach out to us via WhatsApp on 0115 8246060, or email us at






Previously completed works:

Hyson Green Curve - Rail Replacement


We are replacing the tracks located at the Hyson Green tram stop. Some of our tracks have been in place for over 18 years and it is essential that we replace sections of the track to ensure the continued safe and smooth operation of Nottingham Trams


Dates of the works


27th July - 7th August

Normal service resumes on 8th August


Impact on tram services


No tram service between Wilkinson Street and The Forest in both directions

A tram replacement bus service will be in operation, looping between Wilkinson Street P&R and The Forest P&R

Customers should allow extra time for their journey (approx. 10-15 minutes extra)

Information poster

Network Map during works

Bus Route between Wilkinson Street and The Forest


*Please note: During this time, road works will be taking place along Western Boulevard and we may see additional traffic along Raford Road as traffic is diverted. More information on the Western Boulevard works can be found by clicking here.


Tram Stops to close


Radford Road - Information here

Hyson Green -Information here

Noel Street -Information here

Beaconsfield Street -Information here

Shipstone Street -Information here


Service Frequency


Monday - Saturday

07:00 - 21:00 - Every 10 minutes

06:00 - 07:00 - Every 15 minutes

21:00 - End of service - Every 15 minutes


07:00 - 19:00 - Every 10 minutes

06:00 - 07:00 - Every 15 minutes

19:00 - End of service - Every 15 minutes


*Please note, trams will have slightly different times on selected dates. See 'special events during the works' below


First and Last trips


During the works, we will not be running our usual positioning trams prior to 6 am (trams leaving the depot towards the termini). We apologise for any inconvenience caused


First trams

Wilkinson Street to Hucknall - 05:45

Wilkinson Street to Phoenix Park - 05:52

The Forest to Clifton South - 06:18

The Forest to Toton Lane - 06:25

Nottingham Station to Toton Lane - 05:27

Nottingham Station to Clifton South - 05:37

First Full Journeys

Hucknall to Toton Lane - 06:04

Phoenix Park to Clifton South - 06:04

Toton Lane to Hucknall - 06:01

Clifton South to Phoenix Park - 06:02

Last trams

Wilkinson Street to Hucknall - 01:07 (23:52 Sunday)

Wilkinson Street to Phoenix Park - 01:00 (23:45 Sunday)

The Forest to Clifton South - 00:14 (23:14 Sunday)

The Forest to Toton Lane - 00:21 (23:21 Sunday)

The Forest to Nottingham Station 00:50 (23:50 Sunday)

Last full journeys

Hucknall to Toton Lane - Midnight (23:00 Sunday)

Phoenix Park to Clifton South - Midnight (23:00 Sunday)

Clifton South to Phoenix Park - 00:08 (23:08 Sunday)

Toton Lane to Hucknall - 00:05 (23:05 Sunday)

First Bus trips

Wilkinson Street to the Forest - 06:20

The Forest to Wilkinson Street - 06:20

Last bus trips

Wilkinson Street to the Forest - 00:30 (23:30 Sunday)

The Forest to Wilkinson Street - 00:48 (23:48 Sunday)


Special events during the works


Pride Parade - 30th July

No tram services between Royal Centre and Nottingham Station between 11 am - 12 pm

Nottingham's pride parade will take place in the City Centre and will cross the tracks in Old Market Square. During this time, we will suspend services between Royal Centre and Nottingham Station in order to allow safe crossing of the parade.



Riverside Festival - Friday 5th - Sunday 7th August

Additional trams till the end of service

Nottingham's Riverside festival returns for the first time since the start of the Covid pandemic. During this time we expect to see more customers using the trams in order to reach the festival which is situated close to the Wilford Village tram stop. To assist customers in getting to and from the event, we will have trams running every 10 minutes until the end of service.


Information for local residents


Overnight preparatory works will take place between 17th-27th July

Main works will commence from 27th July till 7th August 24/7

Noise mitigating measures will be in place wherever possible, but some noise may be heard

We apologise for any inconvenience caused

Resident information leaflet


Road Diversions


Access for road users and pedestrians along Terrace Street will be maintained throughout the day

Road diversions may be in place during some evenings and overnight to allow access to delivery vehicles

Any road diversions in place will be clearly signposted


Frequently asked questions


Q. Can I buy a ticket on the bus? A. No, you will need to purchase your ticket or scan your travel card before you board the bus

Q. How will I know which bus to catch? A. Don't worry, the double-decker bus is clearly highlighted as 'Tram Replacement bus' and will be stopping within the Forest and Wilkinson Street Park and Ride sites

Q. The tram says 'The Forest' or 'Wilkinson Street' on the front. Why does it not say 'Clifton South, Toton Lane, Hucknall or Phoenix Park'? A. The trams will display the correct terminus depending on the direction of travel. You will need to alight at The Forest or Wilkinson Street and use the tram replacement bus between those stops

Q. Can I pause my season pass during the works? A. I'm sorry, but we are not able to pause your season pass. We are running a full service but please allow for some extra time to complete your journey

Q. Will the bus/tram still go to the Noel Street/Beaconsfield Street or Shipstone Street stops? A. No, we do not have a tram or bus operating along Noel Street or Shipstone Street, but it's only a short walk to the tram or bus stops. See the tram shelter for further information and route maps

Q. Can I board the bus if I'm in a wheelchair? A. The buses are fully DDA compliant and will have the usual bus spaces to allow for wheelchairs or buggies. Wheelchairs will have priority and we ask that any pushchairs or buggies are folded up if necessary to allow wheelchair access

Q. I use a mobility scooter. Can I board the bus? A. I'm sorry, but if you usually make your tram trip on a mobility scooter, we will not be able to carry you between Wilkinson Street and the Forest. A short mobility scooter journey between these stops will allow you to continue your journey by tram

Q. Can I use my tram ticket or pass on any other buses or trains during the works? A. No, only the tram replacement bus between Wilkinson Street and the Forest will accept your ticket or pass

Q. I didn't know about the works. Can I have a refund on my ticket? A. Unless we have a further disruption, we will not be able to refund your tram ticket as we are running a full service to all destinations with only minor differences to our timetable


Got any more questions? Press the chat icon or send the customer relations team a WhatsApp message for a quick response. Add 0115 8246060 to your mobile contacts


Latest updates


2nd August - Both rails are now in place and have been welded to the existing rails at either end. The first concrete pour is complete and we continue into the second week ready for another concrete pour. 

27th July 27th July

30th July 20220730_125646

1st August 20220801_202125


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