Cycling near the tram

If you are a regular cyclist in Nottingham, you may be aware of how to cycle along tram routes safely. But whether you are new to cycling – or an experienced cyclist around the tramway – there are some important things you’ll need to remember.

Special cycle paths have been constructed so, where possible, cyclists can use designated cycle routes and crossing points while crossing the tracks. Even so, cyclists will still ride near tram tracks and sharing the road with trams as well as other traffic.

When cycling alongside the tram track take care and stay clear of the rails. Avoid cycling on the rails as they can be slippery – especially when wet or icy. If crossing the tracks, always cross at a wide angle – preferably at 90 degrees – to stop your wheels from getting stuck in the rail grooves. Try to avoid sudden movements, such as braking or quickly changing your direction while crossing the tracks. Prepare to cross tracks well in advance and check behind early enough to ensure your manoeuvre is not rushed. Make other road users aware of your intentions, through appropriate hand signals.

Please avoid cycling alongside the tracks where it is practical as a tram can't go around you. 

For further tips, take a look at the video or download our dedicated cycle safety leaflets provided below. For enlarged images of the route map insets, please see links -

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