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Our short hop zone tickets are designed for short journeys

There are 9 short hop zones covering the whole network with tickets for any single journey within each zone costing only £1.50. 


Ways to pay for your short hop ticket

You can buy your short hop ticket through a ticket vending machine at a tram stop, or with your contactless bank card at a validator.

If you pay with your contactless bank card you need to tap on the validator before you board. But unlike our other tickets, you must also tap off on the validator when you exit the tram – then we’ll know to cap your travel at £1.50.

Validators can be found on the platforms at each of our tramstops.

Buy before you board

However you choose to pay for your tram travel, you must always buy before you board, failure to do so may result in a £70 fine.


Get to know your zones

When buying a short hop ticket you must only travel within your chosen zone. And if you’re paying by contactless, you must tap off on the validator when you exit the tram.

The 9 zones



From Tuesday 2nd April 2024, tram passengers will be able to make contactless ‘tap on, tap off’ short hop tram journeys within any of our nine short hop zones, meaning it has never been easier to travel around the city for less.

We’ve compiled some FAQs answering the key questions you may have about the new payment method, along with some guidance for how to use it:




How does it work?

The new streamlined ticket option means tram users can now pay for our £1.50 short hop journeys by simply tapping their bank card or contactless mobile payment device on a validator at the start of their journey and again at the end of the journey.

If you’re unsure of how to tap on, tap off, or whether you’re travelling within a short hop zone, you can also speak to a member of our team by pressing the help button at ticket machines located at all tram stops, and they’d be more than happy to assist.



What happens if I tap on but forget to tap off?

It is your responsibility to ensure you tap on and off again and that you’re doing so in the correct zones. If you fail to tap off again, then instead of the short hop ticket price of £1.50, you’ll be charged the standard single ticket price of £3.20.

NET will not be issuing any refunds for any incorrectly purchased tickets. As per our ongoing zero tolerance stance towards fare evasion, anyone caught travelling without a valid ticket will receive a ‘no questions asked’ £70 Penalty Fare Notice. If left unpaid, this could leave them liable for prosecution, with a further fine of up to £1,000 and a criminal record next to their name.



What happens if I travel out of the original short hop zone and tap off?

If your journey goes beyond the short hop zone and you tap off, you will be charged an adult single ticket, priced at £3.20.



Will I need to tap on and off if I’m not making a short hop journey?

For those who are travelling outside the short hop zones, they need only tap at the start of each tram journey. The required fee, either a single or day ticket price will then be deducted from their account at the end of the day as usual.



Can I still buy a short hop ticket with cash?

People who prefer to use a cash fare ticket will still be able to purchase a £1.50 short hop ticket from NET’s ticket machines located at each tram stop.



Which zones are covered?

There are nine NET short hop zones across Nottingham’s tram network, covering Hucknall, Bulwell, Hyson Green, City Centre, QMC, Wilford, Beeston, Bramcote and Clifton. For a full list of short hop zones, and the stops they cover, see our zones map above.



Will you be introducing tap on, tap off for any other ticket options?

At present, tap on, tap off travel is only available for short hop tickets.



Will I be able to access tap on, tap off, £1.50 journeys by bus too?

Short hop tap on, tap off travel is a NET initiative and as such does not cover bus journeys.



Why did you decide to launch now?

NET first launched its contactless validation system in 2022, but up until now, anyone travelling within a short hop zone could only benefit from the reduced rate of £1.50 when using a ticket purchased at the Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) within the zone they were travelling.

However, tram users will now be able to use the new contactless validation system to pay for their short hop ticket by tapping their card or contactless mobile payment device on the validator at each stop, and again when they get off.

With the ongoing extension of the government’s £2 bus fare which doesn’t include trams, we wanted to ensure we were doing all we can to bring our ticket pricing more in line, and this is one of a raft of improvements we’ve been making to our network to make tram travel even more convenient for our customers.




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