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Robin Hood Network

One card for bus, tram and train travel in Nottingham
The Robin Hood Network is a partnership offering easy, accessible, smart travel across a network of bus, tram and train operators.

The Robin Hood Network extends from Ruddington and Clifton in the South to Bulwell and Arnold in the North. From Beeston and Chilwell in the West to Netherfield and Gedling in the East.  It also includes the full tram network all the way to Toton and Hucknall.

To travel the Robin Hood network we have a family of Robin Hood cards and tickets, offering unlimited travel on most buses, trams and trains.

*Please note that a Robin Hood Ticketing App is now available and more information can be found here.

Multi Operator Season

For regular travelers using more than one bus, tram or train operator.

The Robin Hood Season card allows unlimited travel on most buses, trams and trains within the Robin Hood Network and is available for Adults, Students and U19s.

To purchase your first Robin Hood Season card you will need to pop into the Nottingham Travel and Tourism Centre (1 - 4 Smithy Row, NG1 2BY). They will issue your first card and activate it ready for use.

Once you have your card, you can top it up at any of the ticket vending machines that are situated at all tram stops. Or pop back into the travel centre again, whichever is more convenient. For more information, see

Make sure you tap your Season Card before you board the tram for every journey.

You can do this at one of the green validators at every tram stop. Listen for the 'beep' and look for the green tick which indicates that your pass has been validated.

Pay As You Go

Simple, smart, good value option for less frequent travelers

The Robin Hood Card is a very useful smartcard with an electronic purse from which the cost of travel is automatically deducted as you travel around Nottingham.

You don’t have to decide in advance which ticket to purchase – the card works this out and gives you the best fare on the day for the trips you’ve made.

Smartcard readers on buses and trams give you a running total of your fare as you move around the City - you don’t need to wait for a statement of your account. The card is transferable.

You can purchase Pay As You Go cards from the Tourist Information Centre and top up your cards at any ticket vending machines which are located at every tram stop. You can add amounts of £5, £10, £20 or £50 to your card. The maximum balance you can have on your card is £100.

You can also find out the current balance on your card on these machines at any time.

You must tap on with your PAYG card before boarding the tram at any of the green validators. Failing to pay for your journey using the Robin Hood PAYG cards may result in a penalty fare notice being issued to you.

More information, including fares and caps, can be found here. 

Robin Hood Day Ticket

Buy as you board

Travel all day on any tram, bus or train in the Greater Nottingham City area.

Buy on the day of travel from the tram stop ticket machines, bus driver or train conductor. 

Where can I use Robin Hood?

The card is valid only within the Greater Nottingham boundary (see below) on most services operated by:

Nottingham City Transport, trentbarton and Kinchbus, NET Trams and the Linkbus network, including bus park and ride.



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There are disabled and parent and child spaces close by and cycle hubs and electric vehicle charging points at some sites.



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