Work Near The Tram

It's simple to stay safe when working around tramways as long as sensible precautions are taken. If you are going to be working on or around our system please carefully read the information below prior to starting any work.



We want you to stay safe near NET. Working near NET means that you must avoid these hazards:

  • Trams cannot steer around a work site
  • They are powered by wires above the track which are live all the time

You must agree a safe method with us, and receive our authorisation, before work starts. You must do the work in the agreed way. Unauthorised work can be dangerous, and is an offence. If you own or occupy a building near the tramway, please give this information to anyone carrying out work on the building for you.



Authorisation is needed for any of these activities:

  • Any work where any part of the site, any tools or materials, any machine or suspended load, or any person, could come within the NET Hazard Zone
  • Any work which will force pedestrians to be diverted into the NET Hazard Zone
  • Piling, using a crane, excavation over 2m deep, or erecting and dismantling scaffolding, within 6m of the edge of the NET Hazard Zone
  • Any excavation within 3m of any pole supporting overhead wires
  • Any work of any kind within 3m of a pole supporting overhead wires, in areas where the tram rails are not embedded in the ground
  • Even if the site itself is outside the NET Hazard Zone, you need authorisation if vehicles fitted with cranes, tipping bodies or skip loaders will come within the NET Hazard Zone when this equipment is in use.





You must submit a NET Work Request Form (PDF 101kb), saying where and when you want to work, and describing the work to be done.

NET Work Request Forms can also be obtained from NET by telephoning 0115 824 6060, or by writing to:

Infrastructure Manager

NET Depot Wilkinson Street

Nottingham NG7 7NW

Completed Work Request Forms must be returned by post to the above address at least three weeks before you intend to start work. If you have prepared a Method Statement, you should send it with your Work Request Form. If the work needs to be submitted to the Highway Authority under the New Roads and Street Works Act, the same information will usually be suitable for NET – send it with your Work Request Form.



We may need to telephone you or meet you to find out more about the work. You will not be charged for this. If no precautions are necessary, we will tell you in writing. If there are precautions that you must take in order to work safely, we will tell you about them in writing.

We will try to find ways in which your work can be done safely during normal hours. However, for some jobs you may have to work at night when no trams are running and when power to the overhead wires can be switched off. There is a fee for switching the power off, which must be paid in advance.

Authority for the work will only be given when the safe working arrangements are agreed. Do not start work without it.



If work must be done urgently to protect people or property, for your own safety you must still contact us and obtain agreement to carry out the work, before you start. We will come to the site if necessary, but may charge to cover our costs.



If work obstructs the track unexpectedly, or if anyone or anything comes into contact with the overhead wires, or if tramway equipment is damaged, the NET Control Room must be told immediately.

The Control Room can be contacted at any time, by any of these means:

  • Using the Emergency Help Point at any tramstop
  • By asking a member of NET staff
  • By asking emergency services personnel

The person contacting the Control Room must say that there is an emergency.

The Controller will ask:

  • Who is speaking and where from
  • What has happened
  • Whether anyone or anything is touching the overhead wires
  • Whether the track is obstructed
  • Which emergency services are needed (if any)

Answer the questions as quickly and clearly as possible. The Controller will repeat the information back to confirm it. If the Controller gives any instructions, obey them.

If an approaching tram must be stopped, signal to the driver by holding both arms above your head. Stand where the driver can see you, but not in the path of the tram.