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We have zero tolerance for fare evasion

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From Monday 4th December, NET will be launching a new zero tolerance campaign, which will see tram users who are caught travelling without a valid tram ticket or pass, issued with a ‘no questions asked’ £70 Penalty Fare Notice. If left unpaid, this will leave the recipient liable for prosecution, with a further fine of up to £1,000 and a criminal record next to their name.

The upcoming campaign is part of ongoing efforts by NET to clamp down on ticket theft. This year, NET has already issued 7,682 Penalty Fare Notices and prosecuted 2,580 customers who refused to pay their Penalty Fare Notice. 

Though some may think skipping tram fares is harmless, it is theft in its purest form and ticket thieves only serve to ruin the tram experience for all, which is why we’re committed to doing all we can to put a stop to it.

We’ve compiled some FAQs answering the key questions you may have surrounding the campaign, along with some guidance to ensure you don’t get caught out.

What will the campaign involve?

Anyone travelling across the network from 4th December can expect to see a large presence of customer experience agents located at tram entrances and surrounding stop areas who will be checking those on board for tickets. Additional plain clothed officers will also be present on tram journeys to prevent tram ticket theft.

Anyone caught travelling without a valid tram ticket or pass will be issued with a ‘no questions asked’ £70 Penalty Fare Notice. If left unpaid, this will leave the recipient liable for prosecution, with a further fine of up to £1,000 and a criminal record next to their name.

Why have you made the decision to launch this campaign now?

Over the past few years, NET is proud to have made a range of changes to its service, including the implementation of zero tolerance fare evasion campaigns which have been running since the pandemic and have resulted in a 200 per cent increase in penalty fares issued each month. We remain committed to reducing fare evasion and have been working with enforcement personnel to improve surveillance, safety and working practices. 

However, this campaign is going even further towards reaffirming our zero tolerance stance and highlighting the severity of ticket theft.

The trams offer a reliable and convenient way for thousands of people to travel in and around Nottingham. We’re committed to the safety of all our passengers as a number one priority, and clamping down on fare evasion is a key part of that commitment.

Launching this campaign now will also allow us to re-educate new and returning students on the rules of travel and the serious implications for travelling without the correct ticket, so they don’t get caught out.

Where does the money from the penalty notices go?

The funds from penalty notices are reinvested into the network and go towards additional funding for increased security and police presence, technology developments, extra staff, customer incentive schemes and more.

However, it’s important to note that this campaign isn’t about being a money-earner or catching people out. The sole aim is to reduce the amount of money we get from penalty notices. In fact, a successful campaign will see less penalty fares.

What are the repercussions of getting caught without a valid tram ticket?

Many people may think it’s harmless to skip the tram fares when travelling on the trams, but the fact is, if you travel without a valid ticket then it is theft and it could result in a criminal record which could show up on any DBS checks against your name for 11 years.

This really shouldn’t be taken lightly as it can have real implications, especially for students and those in paid employment who could lose their place at university or lose their job as a result.  

What will happen to those who have genuinely made a mistake?

Of course, we do recognise that there are some who genuinely make a mistake by purchasing the wrong ticket. As such, in the run up to December we’ll also be reminding customers of best practice when using the trams, so the majority who are honest can ensure they’re not caught out by not knowing short hop zones, for example, or for not following procedure for validating their concessionary travel cards correctly.

Can people expect more ticket checks on trams going forward?

Following the upcoming campaign we’ll continue to monitor fare evaders.

As such, passengers can expect to see an increased presence of plain clothed officers and a heightened presence of onboard customer service agents all next year as the norm going forward.

This new campaign is about keeping vital infrastructure within the city and ensuring our network can continue providing a safe and reliable way for thousands of people to travel in and around the city.

What will happen to those who walk away when challenged about riding without a ticket?

All our trams and stops have plenty of HD CCTV which, as well as keeping our customers safe, makes it far easier to spot and call out anyone who’s guilty of travelling without a pass - especially when partnered with our increased presence on the ground from 4th December.

Will concessionary card holders be affected too?

Our zero tolerance campaign is one rule for all, so any concessionary passengers who are caught travelling outside the correct time zones or who are found to have not tapped on, will still receive a penalty.

If any concessionary ticket holders are unsure about when they need to tap their card on, or the times they are able to travel, help is available on the NET website, or through the interactive help points that can be found at all NET tram stops.

How can people currently buy tickets if they’re unsure?

NET operates a ‘buy before you board’ policy which means all tram users must purchase a ticket before boarding.


Tickets can be purchased from the ticket machines located at each tram stop, with passengers able to pay by card, cash, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Or, for a more convenient option, tram users can purchase tickets through the NETGO! App which can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Pay.


Alternatively, contactless payment is also available by tapping a debit or credit card at the start of the journey on the lime green validators located at the end of tram platforms across the network. Tram users will only need to tap on at the start of the journey, and they’ll only be charged the maximum adult daily fare.


Where can people go if they genuinely have concerns about best tram practice?


To increase accessibility, NET has partnered with Widgit to create easy to understand guides to using the trams using specialist symbols and images, to help those who may struggle to travel independently or may not speak English.


These can be collected from travel centres, downloaded from the website or accessed via QR codes at every tram stop.


Widgit uses a bank of 20,000 symbols specifically designed to support written text to help users of all ages, abilities and backgrounds who have difficulty with text or communication.


We have two documents available:


  • A symbolised guide on what to expect and what to do when travelling on the tram
  • A symbolised one-page map that can be used when travelling


If people are ever unsure, our team are also always happy to explain anything over the interactive help points that can be found at our stops.





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